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What is Bio-Fermentation?

Bio-Fermentation is a process where carbohydrate materials of a substance are broken down either in the presence or absence of oxygen. The end product is determined by controlling the types of microbes present and the environmental conditions. The end product is more nutritious than the start product because it increases the bioavailability of nutrients.


What is Akesi’s Bio-Fermentation process?

Our 21 day fermentation process involves the transformation of a proprietary fruit blend. Carbohydrates and proteins are broken down tocreate a final product that is a complex mix of highly available bio-active nutrients. Akesi Bio-Fermented Tonics help to restore and maintain the body’s diverse gut microbiota.


Why should people take a probiotic?

Our modern lifestyle has resulted in a significant change to our diet and physical activity patterns. Research suggests that a disturbance in the gut microbiota is potentially playing a role in the pathogenesis of ‘modern’ chronic diseases. We are witnessing increasing rates of these chronic diseases, for example asthma, allergies, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, obesity and autism. There is evidence in humans that probiotics can be used to treat and prevent diarrhoea in children and Irritable Bowel Syndrome in adults. Probiotics taken in sufficient numbers may restore and maintain the body’s microbiota.


What sources of beneficial bacteria are available to us?

Most commonly we think that beneficial bacteria are ingested, but they can also be absorbed through the skin, or through human to human contact. In the modern western world we have undervalued the art of fermenting our foods, which is why there is a need for Akesi Bio-Fermented Tonics. 


I have heard that if you have too many bacterial strains introduced to the system at once you may experience bloating or gastric discomfort, what other side effects may I experience?

Adjusting to any significant change in your diet can cause in some people a change in their gastrointestinal function. If in doubt please contact your healthcare professional.


I regularly suffer from yeast infections such as candida, will Akesi products help?

Do seek out professional help if you suffer from recurrent yeast infections. There is some evidence that shows diet modification (reducing your sugar intake and taking probiotics) can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan for recurrent candida. Saccharomyces boulardii (one of the strains in our Tonics and Spritzer) itself another yeast has been shown to have anti-candida effects. It does this in part by disrupting the protective layer (biofilm) that forms on the surface of a fungal growth such as candida. 


I suffer from eczema, will live bacteria help?

Probiotics can relieve eczema/atopic dermatitis (Elazab, 2013). Lactobacillus salivarius can reverse atopic dermatitis symptoms in some children (Niccoli, 2014). 


Can I take live bacteria at the same time as antibiotics?

Take probiotics 2-3 hours before or after the antibiotic dose and continue them after the antibiotic course is finished.


Where can I go for further information on the benefits of gut health?

Please check out our Resources page.

Do you have a Glossary?

Yes! Please visit out our Glossary page.