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Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer 100ml

Bio-Fermented Papaya Tonic 100ml

Bio-Fermented Turmeric Tonic 100ml

Product Description

Our Bio-Fermented Tonics…

  • Assist digestive health
  • Maintain healthy bowel habits
  • Provide immune system support
  • Include 8 probiotic species

Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer
The ideal all-in-one health tonic for your family providing easy hydration and beneficial probiotics. Berry Spritzer also contains bio-available antioxidants thanks to the berries inside – blueberry, cranberry, acai, maqui and goji. Berry Spritzer is the perfect alcohol, juice or soda replacement – simply mix 1 tablespoon per 250ml of water to enjoy. This probiotic tonic is so delicious, your family will always want more.

Bio-Fermented Papaya Tonic
A rich source of special plant nutrients called phytonutrients which promote good health by providing compounds your body needs. These phytonutrients are nutritionally enhanced through our process of fermentation, resulting in a super-charged tonic that will support your digestive health and overall well-being. This plant-rich tonic has a subtle, slightly tart flavour and can be taken straight or enjoyed diluted in water.

Bio-Fermented Turmeric Tonic
Your daily probiotic, but the magic is in this tonic’s anti-inflammatory properties. This spicy tonic can be enjoyed straight as a shot – perfect for the person always on-the-go.

Keto Friendly • Vegan • Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Natural • Australian Made • One Month Supply

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