Your Questions

Packaging & Storage

I have purchased Akesi Baby Probiotic+ Powder or Akesi Child Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost, why is the container only half full?

To allow for product stability. Akesi Child is 90g of Probiotic+ Elderberry Boost and Akesi Baby is 60g of Probiotic+ Powder.


How should I store my Akesi products?

Away from sunlight and below 25 degrees Celsius. Always refrigerate once opened.


What is the use by date? How can I find it?

Akesi Tonics and Spritzer products are naturally self-preserving.

Our products have a 2-year shelf life. The expiry can be found at the bottom of the label.


Where are Akesi products manufactured?

Queensland, Australia.


What accreditation do Akesi products have?

Akesi products are manufactured in a cGMP and TGA Licensed Medicine Facility, and comply with the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand.