Gut Health and Collagen

Supporting your intestinal wall
Good gut health with Akesi and Collagen

We all know the right type of collagen supplement can support connective tissues such as skin, bones and joints but did you know that collagen also supports your digestive health?

As gut health impacts the immune system, the gut-brain axis and metabolism, as well as influencing how your body absorbes nutrients, it’s really important you do all you can to keep your digestive health functioning optimally. Aside from eating a fibre-rich diet, collagen is something you should consider adding as it is a structural protein of the intestinal wall.

You’re off to a fabulous start every day with a shot of Turmeric Tonic followed with a smoothie, coffee or matcha (take your pick, it’s that versatile!) that includes a scoop of collagen powder (we love The Nutrition Clinic’s Complete Collagen.)

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