Beat the Bloat


Here are some easy ways to help your digestive system when you travel:

* Increase your fermented foods and take a daily probiotic before, during, and after travel. This is particularly important in preventing and treating traveller’s diarrhoea.

* Stay hydrated. Your digestive system needs hydration to move smoothly. Herbal tea bags and a non-plastic water bottle are great additions in your carry-on.

* Pack healthy snacks for the plane journey. What about including cut fruit, veggie sticks, seaweed, bliss balls, miso sachets as some examples.

* Eat less than normal on the plane to help your gut cope with the stresses of flying and time zone changes.

* Increase your plant fibre intake - a green smoothie is perfect on arrival.

* Prioritise morning sunshine to recalibrate your body’s circadian rhythm.

* Moving your body means moving your digestive system - it doesn’t have to be high intensity - walking, swimming or stretching are great options.

* Prepare a gut rescue travel kit to include digestive enzymes, activated coconut charcoal tablets, magnesium, liposomal C, and a Probiotic+ Powder. Our Probiotic+ Powders travel well in your suitcase, remember to pop them in the hotel fridge on arrival and take 1 teaspoon daily.