Your Unique Microbiota


The Future: Your specific microbiota is unique to you and the future will be: medications and treatments that take into account (or are tailored to) your microbiota.

Have you considered that the following medications disrupt the complex and essential functioning of your gastro-intestinal tract? If you need to… take them… but try and minimise how frequently and for how long you do so.

  1. Broad spectrum Antibiotics – makes sense.
  2. Pain killers – the ones specifically called NSAIDs – Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – aspirin, ibuprofen (NUROFEN), naproxen, diclofenac are some examples. Why? The theory goes that they damage the lining of the small intestine – this is the gut location where you absorb the majority of your nutrients.
  3. Stomach Acid reducing drugs – Omeprazol (ZENPRO, OMESEC, PUMPITOR are some examples) they alter the delicate acid gradient that exists as food travels from your stomach down to the lower parts of your gastrointestinal tract.