Root Health = Gut Health

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“Bacterial inoculation of plants is like dietary probiotics in that both introduce live microbes that benefit the host. Laboratory studies and field trials have shown that inoculating the root microbiome with the right bacteria can promote growth, enhance nutrient uptake, help control pathogens, and induce increased root surface area and shoot length.”

David R. Montgomery and Anne Bikle – “The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health”

It might be called “gut health” in humans but you might call it “root health” in plants. Sound familiar? Humans and plants both rely on beneficial bacteria to make nutrients and compounds for survival. Think about the “rhizosphere” - that area of the soil where the roots of plants reside. Plant roots have an intimate relationship with microbial organisms just like humans. Could current intensive agriculture become more sustainable by continuing research in the role of beneficial bacteria and the life of plants?

There is the potential to at least reduce pesticides and fertiliser use and look at the microbial relationships between soil microbes and plant roots.