Fabulous Fibre!


Consider Fabulous Fibre

We have all been told to eat a 'high fibre' diet and that it forms part of a healthy diet. Why? Fibre is part of the carbohydrate family. We used to think that it didn't contribute to the calorific intake of our diet because it essentially passes through the small intestine undigested. However, when it reaches the large intestine it is fermented by the gut bacteria that reside there.

Typically, a north american diet has 10-15grams a day. How much should you have? Approximately 30 grams a day depending on your weight and gender.

Fermentation of fibre in the large intestine creates metabolites called Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) which do two things:

  1. Provide an additional energy source which is absorbed by the body
  2. Play a role in protecting the integrity of the gut lining SCFAs play an anti-inflammatory role in the colon and are beneficial for the prevention of conditions such as colitis and colon cancer.

So now you know why we emphasise Fabulous Fibre!

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Victoria McKellarComment